SEDA Analytics is a SEDA Experts LLC brand and since 2009  its team has been providing advanced support to expert witnesses and law firms in over 200 litigation, dispute and consulting matters. We provide our expertise on a wide variety of disputes and industries, determining causation, liability and damages, in relation to alleged negligence, misrepresentation, and fraud for Fortune 500 corporation,  including global financial institutions, top tier banks, regulators, large sovereign funds, hedge funds, and other institutions.

SEDA Analytics' team consulting experience includes damage and valuation analysis related to financial instruments, misappropriation, products mislabeling, as a result of breach-of-contract and commercial disputes, applying different methodologies such as discounted cash flow, market multiple, comparable, event study analysis, as well as lost profits, and disgorgement analysis.


Our team industry experience covers structured finance products, custody and trustee services. Custody experience includes cash accounts set up and management, securities trade and settlement, premises and off-premises safekeeping, and reporting. Our expertise also covers policy and procedures, internal operational controls, regulatory guidelines and industry standard practices that global custodians and trustees have to comply with, in order to guarantee the control and safekeeping of the customer’s assets and therefore mitigate the custody risk and potential asset losses.

Our expertise comprise complex credit instruments such as cash and synthetic Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs), Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), Asset Backed Securities (RMBS and CMBS), Asset Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP), Structures Investment Vehicles (SIVs), as well as related credit securities issued by other types of conduits, and derivative instruments.


Financial Services and

Complex Securities

Class Actions and
Class Certification

Commercial Litigation and Damages Analysis

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