Class Actions and Class Certification

SEDA Analytics' team supported various Class Actions Certifications to date. We support plaintiff law firms and experts throughout the Class Certification process as well as expert reports once the Class Action gets certified. We assist plaintiffs and experts with the early stages of the Class Action including analyzing existent and available data, assess Class Action requirements such as commonality, typicality, and numerosity, as well as filing preliminary affidavits, declarations and other filings explaining well accepted methods and analysis to calculate and allocate damages across the Class members.

Representative Engagements

  • Mislabeling Class Actions 
    Various Class Actions involving mislabeling (i.e. "all natural" and "100% natural" claims). Calculation of price premiums due to mislabeling by performing Hedonic regression analysis in order to calculate disgorgement of profits. Worked with large data files with product retail and wholesale information. Calculation of avoidable costs and other variable costs (i.e. SG&A).


  • Class Action v. Top Tier Pharmaceutical Company 
    Calculation of damages caused by alleged substance contained in the products sold by a large pharmaceutical company throughout decades. Analysis o retail and whole sale data to determine quantities sold and sale prices. 


  • Class Action v. Potato Chips Company 
    Calculation of damages due "all natural" and "100% natural" labels for products that were allegedly not "all" or "100%" natural. Calculation via Hedonic analysis of price premium during the "on label" versus "off label" label stages. 


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