Financial Services and Complex Securities
Collateral and Fund Administration

We have a deep industry experience working in the capacity of collateral and fund administrators.


We provided collateral administration services covering a vast array of assets including syndicated leverage loans, corporate bonds, equities, structured credit securities, and derivatives.


While acting as fund administrator, we were responsible for Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations, complex fee arrangements and fund structures (including master and feeder funds), as well as ongoing reconciliation and reporting for investors and accounting purposes. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Loan Administration (Credit and Loan Agreements)

  • NAV calculation

  • Portfolio Stratification analysis

  • Investors Reporting

  • Waterfall Modeling

  • Collateralization Ratios

  • Portfolio Concentration analysis

  • Eligibility Criteria Rules

  • Rating Agency Portfolio Tests (WARF, S&P Monitor, Moody’s CDO)


Financial Services and

Complex Securities

Class Actions and
Class Certification

Commercial Litigation and Damages Analysis

Representative Engagements

  • Major U.S. Bank and an Agent v. U.S. Corporations 
    Claim by an U.S. bank acting as Noteholder and an Administrative Agent in a syndicated loan transaction against an U.S. corporation in regards to an event of default under a Co-Lender agreement in accordance to industry practices and commercial loan administration.  


  • Top tier U.S. Investment Bank v. U.S. Real Estate Developer 
    Dispute between an U.S. bank acting as Leading Lender and Administrative Agent, and a real estate developer in regards to an alleged breach of a syndicated lending agreement, and its subsequent default. Analyzed various aspects syndicated loan and loan administration practices and procedures.

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