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We have comprehensive industry knowledge and experience in structured credit securities and other related products.


Our industry and consulting experience covers complex credit instruments such as cash and synthetic Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs), Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), Asset Backed Securities (RMBS and CMBS), Asset Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP), Structures Investment Vehicles (SIVs), as well as related credit securities issued by other types of conduits.


We have an in-depth knowledge and hands on experience (acquired before and during the 2007-2009 market disruption) of the transaction’s structures, mechanics, interested parties, set up, modeling, ongoing management and administration, and regulatory framework.

Representative Engagements

  • Major Middle East Sovereign Fund v. Top Tier U.S. Bank
    Sovereign Fund’s claim against a Top Tier Bank for alleged misrepresentation of the Bank’s exposure to credit structured products, such as CDOs, CLOs, ABCP Conduits and SIVs, in connection to a US$7.5 billion investment made in the Bank.


  • Top Tier European Bank v. Large Asset Management Company
    Dispute between Hedge Fund/Asset Manager and Investment Bank (Funding Agent) over the termination amount for a hybrid CDO warehouse that failed to close, in connection with hedges placed against the warehouse assets, and their potential mitigation impact in the final warehouse losses claimed by the Investment Bank.


  • Large Asset Management Company v. Top Tier Canadian Bank
    Asset Manager claim and dispute over the Early Termination and Close Out Fees charged by the Investment Bank (Warehouse Agent) for a CDO/CLO warehouse that failed to close. 


  • U.S. Federal Agency v. U.S. Thrift Bank
    Claim against the Bank's non-compliance and breach of regulatory exposure limits to structured credit securities, specifically in connection with CDO Trust Preferred Securities investment concentration, that ultimately resulted in the Bank’s bankruptcy.


  • U.S. Regulator v. Top Tier Rating Agency 
    Regulator’s investigation on a NRSRO in connection with a CDO Transaction sponsored by a Japanese investment bank and an Alternative Investment Manager (Hedge Fund), for alleged illegal behavior when closing and rating the transaction. 


Financial Services and

Complex Securities

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